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Combi Plate
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Combi PlateCombi PlateCombi PlateCombi Plate
Product details
TRM Plate
Base Plate
Top Plate
Hole Dia.
CP-150-19P280x400x1.9150x150x436,  42,  49Pre-Galv.
CP-150-19G280x400x1.9150x150x436,  42,  49Hot Dip Galv.
CP-150-19B280x400x1.9150x150x436,  42,  49Untreated
CP-150-16P280x300x1.6150x150x436,  42,  49Pre-Galv.
CP-150-16G280x300x1.6150x150x436,  42,  49Hot Dip Galv.
CP-150-16B280x300x1.6150x150x436,  42,  49Untreated
CP-150-15P280x300x1.5150x150x436,  42,  49Pre-Galv.
CP-150-15G280x300x1.5150x150x436,  42,  49Hot Dip Galv.
CP-150-15B280x300x1.5150x150x436,  42,  49Untreated

Incorporate a plate washer attached to a standard strata plate to give a superior product with enhanced performance.

Designed with a profile that gives greater strength by strategically pressing the vees, placing the perimeter of plate in tension.

Has "user friendly" rounded corners

Allows faster installation by eliminating the handling of two separate components

Can be facilitate flat and domed plates (up to 150mm square) to increase rock surface coverage area

Can be utilised with lighter domed or flat plates to provide an economic advantage over heavier

Is suitable for direct placement onto the rock surface or used against welded mesh

Are supplied with a slot for suspension of light services and some domed plates include a services support lug